Size Chart & Product Features

Product Features:

- Ideal for shipping non-fragile items or wrapping gifts

- Superior tear and puncture resistance

- Lightweight design to save on postage

- High strength seams for over-stuffing if needed

- Approved by USPS, UPS, and FedEx for added peace of mind 

Please note that actual product color may vary slightly from the images shown. We try to ensure our photos are as accurate as possible, but please understand that every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. 

Size  Reference
Size 6x9 inch Socks, phone case, jewelry, keychain
Size 7.5x10.5 inch Ornament, sunglasses in box, baby onesie
Size 9x12 inch Child clothing, baby shoes, notebook
Size 10x13 inch Slippers, adult shirt, magazine, 
Size 12x15.5 inch Adult hoodie, jeans, teddy bear, football
Size 14x17 inch 2 adult hoodies, adult shoes, stuffed toys
Size 14.5x19 inch 2 adult hoodies, child puffer coat, backpack
Size 19x24 inch Puffer coat, bulk clothing, regular sized suitcase